Cuttings are kept in isolation and then planted directly into our peat moss beds in the greenhouses.

Our 3 greenhouses are highly monitored and have restricted access. Climate control is achieved for the best growing conditions.

Seed Pro, Inc. is located in the secluded area of Island Falls/Crystal, ME. It has a tissue culture facility and greenhouses for nuclear seed production. 265 acres of high yielding seed is grown at this location and 730 acres of grain. Seed Pro Inc. was established in 2006 under a lease purchase with Arthur Shur, which included the equipment.

       Click Here for the 2015-2016 Tissue Culture Testing Results---Virus     Bacterial Pathogens

Seed Pro Inc.

Crystal, ME

Foundation Seed Potatoes

Tubers are harvested and peat moss is discarded. We bring in new peat moss every year.

Tubers develop a mature skin set before harvest takes place.

Varietal lines are multiplied by sterile cuttings under the fume hood then placed into 1 of the 2 growth rooms.

We maintain our varieties monthly in our secluded tissue culture laboratory.

Greenhouses are watered by an automatic overhead sprinkler system until plants reach a certain height.

Seed Pro Inc. has a 2500+ box storage facility. Every box is pressure washed and then completely submersed in our disinfectant dip tanks.

We cut all our mini-tubers by hand with strict sanitization protocols. Start clean, stay clean.

Once plants reach full height, a drip tape irrigation system is