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“One of the best farmers I know” Arnold Mack, Mack Farms–Lake Wales, FL

“If we don’t plant them, we can pack them” Karl Szawlowski, Swaz Potato Farms- Hatfield, MA

"The Corey's grow their potatoes from greenhouse to field, have great rotation, up to date humidity controlled storages, and solid family expertise that care. The end result for us is firm, disease free, and strong vigour seed that gives us a strong healthy plant stand. To get a big crop it starts with healthy seed and that is why we buy from Corey Farms!" Ryan Albright, Covered Bridge Potato Chips-Hartland, NB

“Corey Farms has been a blessing to me and all customers that we service. I could write extensively about why I choose to do business with them but in a nutshell…..they are the best!!” -Robert Sirois, MFX-Presque Isle, ME

 “If I keep planting your seed, I’ll have to keep building more storages!”- Matt Griffeth, Griffeth Farms- Limestone, ME

 “In order to compete in today’s market, you have to start with the best and Nu-Seed Corp./Corey Farms has it!” Wayne Heath –Townsend, VA

“Your seed was excellent and the potatoes produced second to none!”  Aaron Ayer, Ayer Potato -Caribou, ME

“Seed Pro's consistently high quality, disease-free seed of a uniform size profile has been a key to improving our crop yields and finished product quality in our chip business.”  Cranes Bros- Exeter, ME

 “I have been extremely happy with the performance of the seed that I have purchased from Corey Farms. I have great confidence that I am getting high quality, disease and virus free seed due to their closed seed production system.” Michael Brooks, Dusty Lane Farms –Elmer, NJ

 “Best Innovator Seed I have seen! Best Innovator Seed I have received!”- Matt Porter, Porter Farms LLC –Mapleton, ME

 "My family has been growing potatoes in Aroostook County for 5 generations. We have been buying our table stock seed from Daniel Corey for 20+ years and his seed has consistently out-performed all other seed lots.” Bell Bros. –Mars Hill, ME

 “To the best of my knowledge we had no issues with your Lehigh or Envol seed last year. Stand and yield were both good and no signs of Dickeya. Any other questions please feel free to contact me.”Rich Miller, Sterman Masser, Inc.- Sacramento, PA



1986- Daniel J. Corey plants his first crop of 52 acres. Crop was table and processing for McCain and Interstate.

1986-August Daniel J. Corey marries wife, Amy L. Wotton.

1987-Daniel and Amy purchase the Lynds Family Farm.

1987-Corey Equipment is established.

1990-Daniel Corey Farms goes from table and processing to seed potatoes.

1990-Philip Perfitt joins the farm as Farm Manager

1992-The central warehouse in Monticello was built.

1992-Daniel Corey receives Young Farmer of the Year.

1996-Daniel and Amy purchase Folsom Farm, a 50 head cow-calf operation came with farm expansion.

1996-Nu-Seed Corp. is established for freight and construction.

1999-Daniel joins Farm Credit Board of Directors

2002-Arthur Shur became seed supplier for Daniel Corey Farms.

2006-Seed Pro Inc. is established. Seed Pro Inc. rents Arthur Shur’s land and storage in Island Falls/Crystal area.

2007-Daniel J. Corey became the first exporter of seed potatoes when he exported to Brazil.

2011-Benjamin Corey plants his first potato crop.

2012-Corporate offices for Daniel J. Corey Farms, Corey Equipment, Nu-Seed Corp. and Seed Pro Inc. are built.

2012-Sara Corey joins the farm as Director of Agronomy and Variety Development and plants her first crop of potatoes and oats. She returns with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

2012-Seed Pro Inc. purchases Arthur Shur’s Farm holdings and equipment.

2013-Sara Corey receives Young Farmer of the Year.

2013-Seed Pro Inc. purchases the former Monsanto Facility, equipped with a state of the art laboratory and 3 greenhouses.

2013-Corey Timberlands, Ltd. is formed in Woodstock, NB, Canada​

2014-Daniel Corey Farms purchases Bass and Berce Farm in Houlton, ME

2015-Philip Perfitt celebrates 25 years of employment with Corey Farms.

2015- Nu-Seed Corp. breaks into the microbrewing market with its wheat.

2015- Corey Farms starts selling Christmas Trees locally in Monticello.

2015- Daniel Corey plants his first crop of 50 acres in Elkton, FL.

2017- Ben Corey returns to the farm full-time after graduating from the University of Maine with a Bachelors in Ag. Economics.

2018- Sara Corey Parker marries Jeffrey A. Parker, Jr. from Parker Produce in Elkton, FL.  Together, they start Royal Agriculture, Inc.

2018- Nu-Seed Corp. adds a 45,000cwt storage at the Home Farm in Monticello, ME

2018- Corey Equipment Inc. starts a transportation division with 15 trucks and 15 drivers. 

2018- Frederick's Transport, LLC. is started in Monticello, Maine for the brokerage needs of the East Coast.

2019- Daniel J. Corey retires from Farm Credit East board of directors after nearly 2 decades on the board.

2019-  DeLee Produce, LLC. is formed in Elkton, Florida with 400 acres of tablestock potatoes and 250 acres of Broccoli. 

2020-  Sara Corey Parker graduates with her Master's in Business Administration from Husson University.

2020- Benjamin Corey installs his first greenhouse to expand on his farm stand on the Bangor Road in Houlton offering a variety of crops.

2022- Benjamin Corey, Sara Corey Parker, and Daniel Corey become equal partners on the purchase of Greg Schools Farm holdings and equipment.

2023-DeLee Produce LLC. plants its first crop of Napa Cabbage.

2023- Seed Pro Inc. is named Seed Supplier of the Year for Frito Lay North America