Grain Services

Seed Sales

NuSeed supplies the highest quality and highest yielding grain seed.  We strive to be the best in variety development with oats, barley, sunflower, and wheat seed.



Storage, Drying, and Rail Service

NuSeed has 7 grain silos with over 250,000bu of storage space and direct rail access to move product efficiently. We also host a state of the art grain dryer to facilitate the desirable moisture level of the grains.



Custom Combining and Packaging

We have 3 combines and do custom combining throughout Aroostook County. We also have the ability to do custom packaging to fit your needs. 


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About NuSeed Corp.

Purchasing and marketing the highest quality, local grains.

Nu-Seed Corp.-Grain Division purchases and markets high quality Aroostook County grains. We strive to be your partner of choice by providing exceptional service and value through price risk management, marketing alternatives, year-round grain purchasing, and providing high yielding seed varieties. Our facility is also equipped with rail access.