Seed Pro Inc.    Foundation Seed Potatoes

Seed Pro Inc. is located in the secluded area of Island Falls/Crystal, ME. It has a tissue culture facility and 3 greenhouses for nuclear seed production. 280 acres of high yielding seed is grown at this location and 700 acres of grain. Seed Pro Inc. was established in 2006 under a lease purchase with Arthur Shur, which included the equipment.

Seed Pro Inc. Greenhouses 

With over 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space, Seed Pro Inc. produces over 9,000lbs of peat moss grown minitubers. These minitubers are then hand cut with strict sanitation protocols and planted in the secluded area of Crystal, ME. These minitubers yield over 20 acres of the highest yielding, highest quality seed potatoes.  Starting with clean seed and keeping seed clean is our goal.

Seed Pro Inc. Laboratory 

The laboratory hosts a secluded state of art tissue culture facility where 85 varieties are maintained monthly. The staff here cut over 100,000 plantlets for production every year. We work with many growers, companies,  breeders, and researchers with variety development. 


BUS. DEV’T. MGR. Monticello, ME. High School Diploma req’d. + 48 mo. exp. in intn’l. potato farming industry, product cycles, new product sourcing, technical specifications, strategic/sales and marketing planning, customer relations, contract negotiations, management. Employer will also accept a Bachelor Degree Equiv. in Bus.Admin. prepared by a qualified credential evaluator.  Duties: Manage, expand, increase bus. opportunities for grower of potato seeds and minitubers. Identify, develop, evaluate strategic growth based on availability of potato varieties, sourcing new high-yield varieties, expansion of distribution networks, customer preferences, competition, industry trends, markets and territories served, costs, regulatory issues; leverage client/supplier relationships, negotiate terms/conditions of sales, conduct sales presentations; evaluate, analyze, deliver business solutions based on available product supply, budgets, market research, sales forecasts, ROI, profit-loss projections; research, study, analyze market statistics, identify new product sources (U.S. or abroad), collaborate with growers, breeders, researchers on development new varieties; apply forecasting/strategic planning tools to monitor sales/profitability; provide ongoing customer service and product support, conduct networking activities; participate in promotional activities, represent company at industry trade shows; ensure compliance with import/export laws, agricultural protocols, and government regulations affecting the industry.  Supervise subordinate personnel.  Fusionware software required. Travel required 40-50% of the time (Canada, U.S., Europe – Germany, Netherlands, others) to attend trade shows and conduct site visits for product testing at client sites. Mail Resume to: S. Corey Parker, Seed Pro Inc., 127 Lynds Road, Monticello, ME 04760.

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